Did You Know : 7 out of 10 Women are Wearing the Wrong BRA Size

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2 Responses

  1. Tamara Campbell says:

    i never knew the importance of this, i am 32 and i have been wearing the wrong size bra (42 c) for years. i got engaged in 2017 and that’s when i decided to get fitted because of the type of dress i had designed. i i should have known better tho because my bra was always cutting through my skin and would always leave a scar.
    the above steps is pretty much simple and easy to follow.
    the links on the diy tape measure etc was a plus as well, just so the page is not overwhelming to a reader.
    thorough article
    also love the fact that there is a list of disadvantage to implore usage of the calculator.

  2. Ratan Pati says:

    how did work

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