Get 2 GB Space for FREE

Plus, get more free space when you refer friends! No credit cards, no fees, and no hassle.

How to Get 2 GB Space for free :

  1. Visit MozyHome to sign up for a free account,
  2. Select your country and register
  3. Gets confirmation email, clicks confirmation link in email which opens the confirmation page in a browser and creates the free account.

What can you store with 2 GB?
As many files as you want to—up to 2 GB. To give you an idea, 2 GBs lets you store:

  • 250,000 text emails
  • 200 MP3 files
  • 300 photos

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  1. as many files as you want!!! Wow… this is something.
    I enjoyed

  2. wow amazing. i can store all my files here

  3. annwell says:

    Wow 2gb free its awesome

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