10 Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas For Your Loving Kids

Your Loving KID is most valuable assets for you in whole world and when your kid came into the your arms, you no doubt felt as all dad/mom feel – like a bit of sunshine in your arms.

Birthday Gifts for Kids

Your heart always says –

Your Birthday to the coolest, most fun my loving kid I know. You also happen to be the shortest best friend I have. I love ya with all my heart.

No matter your kid is girl or boy, We have 10 Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas for your loving kids :

1. Educational Gift

Giraffe Wooden Abacus Activity & Counting Toy

Abacus is a simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid. This Giraffe Wooden Abacus Activity & Counting Toy can be used as a teaching aid in teaching children the numeral system, arithmetic and colors. Children can adopt this mesopotamian device, which would provide a change from the usual notebooks and textbooks This toy is suitable for 3 years old or above kids.

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2. Do It Yourself Gift

International Airport Parking Lot Garage

Helps build Attention , Analysis & Critical Thinking, Curiosity Building. Easy to assemble and manufactured through non-toxic material. Safe to use for children. Suitable for 3 years old or above kids.

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3. Outdoor or Sports Gift

Baby Tricycle with Parental Control

It is a standout sports toy for Boy and Girl and its quality, longevity is superb. It is 100% manufactured in India. Unbreakable body with attractive and fancy cartoon face. All parts are made using high precision machines.Equipped with durable tires and easy-grip handlebars.

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4. Eatable Gift

Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Pack

One 264 grams chocolates pack from Cadbury celebrations rich dry fruit collection. Cadbury Celebration gives you the reason to celebrate and the luscious bites on it expands your celebrations more with happiness. Go drooling with the prodigious taste of Cadbury Celebration.

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5. Wearable Gift

6. Personalized Gift

7. Money Management Gift

8. Musical Intrument Gift

9. Brain Storming Gift

10.Entertainments Gift

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