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7 Responses

  1. jaymo mwas says:

    good way of relaxing…awesome game

  2. The ad is user-friendly. Instructions are provided up front which can be easily understood by all ages. The game itself is incredibly addicting. I find this game simple yet fun.

  3. Dave C says:

    Its Good because its free to download the game

  4. The was inviting and in trend. I’ve been playing the game and it was fun. Most kids like it also specially when it is played with sounds.

  5. A seductive and interesting game for all age groups. builds your skills, tests your patience and best for your leisure time. Just try it and don’t miss what the whole world is into…..add can be modified like this…it will be more attractive.

  6. this add is nice and easy to download this game and good time pass and improve the skills like this type of’s colors are more attractive game design also very play don’t get bore.this game is like all kind of is improve our mental ability and thinking power.I love this game very much.this game is already downloaded in my mobile,iPod and my laptop also.

  7. raj kumar says:

    The add is quite good in all aspects. And it is known to everyone that Angry bird is in the top ranked game. It is also mentioned that it is free for downloading.. It means extra bonus for the customers. And personally I love this game very much.

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