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256 Responses

  1. jeet panchal says:

    graet …!

  2. Prudence says:

    i tried to join you but my country was not listed

  3. faryal says:

    please add Pakistan in the country name list.

  4. Please add Nigeria I really want to partake in this

  5. Zahid says:

    Please add Pakistana

  6. Ajith says:

    I am steady this app’s great app. I like this app and I like join with you and eran money.

  7. Kankanamge says:

    I too want to work her.. But the thing is my country name is not mantionded above country list.. So how can I join and work here..? Please give the instructions..

  8. Sebastian says:

    کیرِ تمام ایرانیان بجز کصکشایه بچه مایه و ژن خوبایه مادرجنده دهن شما خارکصه ها.
    Translation:We Iranians all love to be in your list خارجندگان

  9. Selma Sinanovic says:

    My country bosnia and herzegowina is not on the list, how come?
    I would be happy if you would add it
    Pls notify me.if so

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