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191 Responses

  1. redouane banimlil says:

    i don’t see my country Morocco

  2. Claudius says:

    Please add my country zimbabwe

  3. Mina says:

    لطفا ایران را به لیست اضافه کنید (Translated: Please add Iran to the list)

  4. Albert Jones says:

    Please add Belize, Central America

  5. Noor Muhammad says:

    I am from pakistan

  6. Victor Onyango says:

    the best to check on

  7. Jr Farid says:

    please add Bangladesh

  8. Shaun says:

    Please also put my country Namibia.

  9. AJ says:

    Kindly include Tanzania & Kenya in your list of countries

  10. Enudi Chukwuka says:

    Pls add Nigeria

  11. Dismas phiri says:

    This really sounds the best way to make money, I would like to join you please add Zambia on the selection list am really interested.

  12. rodgers kipchumba says:

    add Kenya my country is’nt there

  13. Kazi M Ashiqur Rahman says:

    Could you please include Bangladesh in your list of countries?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Etete Rhodaford Obediah says:

    please I beg you to put Nigeria

  15. JAMEEL says:

    How do i get payment in pakistan

  16. Fehmida says:

    Please add Pakistan in countries list

  17. Gaweye says:

    Does this pay via penpals, checks or bank transfers?

  18. Memoona says:

    Pakistan is not present in the list so how can I get sign up?

  19. Sharon mutondo says:

    Send me the details of how to apply for this job opportunity I really needed it ,the full time job I have now pays me $160 per month and am falling to meet the needs of my children

  20. Taqqiya says:

    How to get registered from Pakistan

  21. Ayesha says:

    Please add Pakistan in your list

  22. Sonia says:

    Great opportunity let me take benefit

  23. Nilofer says:

    Hi I wanna do registration but my country is not listed. United Arab Emirates

  24. Niuma says:

    Hi.. My country Maldives isn’t listed in your list..

  25. Bless says:

    How can I sign in from Malawi?

  26. sadia says:

    my country is not in list how i can earn?

  27. Juliet Obumuneme says:

    Am from Nigeria, I can’t find my country on the list

  28. Asfa Mehmood says:

    You haven’t added Pakistan in the Country selection options.

  29. Meenu says:

    I am from Pakistan
    How can i apply???

  30. naqash says:

    i want work with you but my country not mention (pakistan) please give me solution for joining please reply me

  31. Maha Tariq says:

    Please add Pakistan…..

  32. Precious Chikara says:

    I would like to join but my country Zimbabwe is not on the list how do l go about joining then.

  33. Helena nusrat says:

    I’m from Banglades… Why we r deprived of the offer???

  34. Rana bilal says:

    Please include pakistan in your list

  35. Antwi says:

    I will very much be delighted to be part of this great team, but unfortunately Ghana is not part of the country list. Please can something be done about this? Check you out later. Thanks

  36. Fatima says:

    Please add Pakistan in the list

  37. Tahir hussain says:

    Kaisy join kry

  38. Melissa Ward Pinder says:

    I did not find my country I am from the bahmamas

  39. Adarshini Balluck says:

    Mauritius is not in the list… please add

  40. Samson izuakor says:

    Is this service available in Nigeria?

  41. S.Rathika says:

    I am in SriLanka
    But My country name not included in the List of the Country Name.
    so could you please give the advice to hoe to join the part time online survey job from srilanka.

  42. Muniir Abdala says:

    The best money

  43. Emerson says:

    am in Zambia why zambia is not listed why?

  44. Dami says:


    Nigeria is not on the country list. Kindly add it.

  45. Jyoti says:

    I need job.

  46. Haruna Aliyu says:

    I Am Also Interested

  47. MIRACLE says:


  48. Michael says:

    Kindly include Zambia and other mode of receiving claims,

  49. Trainos Takura says:

    Please add ZIMBABWE

  50. Rahaf Adlan says:

    I need this job,iam from syria❤❤

  51. Palesa says:

    Please add my country botswana

  52. Jitendra kumar saini says:

    I need this job

  53. KEPSEU Aramnd says:

    Please I am leaving in Chad, may add Chad in the list ?

  54. Ridwan olatunde says:

    Please include Nigeria in your list

  55. Glen Timothy says:

    Please I want to join the team but my country is not listed (Papua New Guinea).How can I go about?.

  56. Rojelyn Picardal says:

    How can I participate the survey.

  57. Lenox says:

    I couldn’t find Zimbabwe when i was searching for my country

  58. Surely I will love to be here making more cash

  59. Jigarahir says:

    Please give me a survey

  60. ringson deng says:

    IS this available in suoth sudan if YES I NEED it

  61. Trymore Mashakada says:

    Please add zimbabwe

  62. Chondrosing molsom says:

    I’m really happy to learn about how to earn money from home through this company.

  63. koome denis says:

    please i am in kenya and i cant find my country in location can you please help me

  64. shamal kadam says:

    Please guide me how to work..

  65. joseph says:

    Nigeria is not listed, how do we participate then?

  66. Rebecca says:

    please help, Nigeria is not in the list

  67. Mahbuba jannat says:

    I am from Bangladesh..can i work here??

  68. Benjamin says:

    Good and fine

  69. Kazeem says:

    Can nigerians register now

  70. Usaini dala says:

    You dnt warry all of u you’l able to rich it

  71. akena erick patrick says:

    i can wait working with you bring me in

  72. ganesh says:

    thank you for the latest tricks for earnings some money very nice article thank you

  73. Anies says:

    Please add afghanistan in location option plz

  74. Fizza Khalid says:

    I want to do online working but there is no option of my country in country list. (Pakistan)

  75. Jean Damascene says:

    My country is not available on the list, i am from Rwanda, Please add Rwanda on the countries list


  76. Sumaia says:

    My country name is not in the list so what will I do?

  77. Sonam says:

    Guide me please. No name of my country

  78. Chinyere Okwuoma says:

    l want to register but my country name Is not in your list. please guide me on how to do it

  79. pragatib says:

    Hi I am from India I am intrested online job but how can we start pls guide us.

  80. Prashanth says:

    Is it ok if i use only a smart phone or is a full fledged lap top or a desktop essential…? I suppose that a sp is quite upto the mark where as far as participating in surveys are concerned…

  81. jewel sarkar says:


  82. Obi Asu says:

    Please can Cameroonians benefit from this if yes please I need directives

  83. Hanan Malik says:

    I Need This Job.
    Plz Provide us Our Country Name on list.
    I’M from Pakistan

  84. Kojjo Dickens says:

    Hello am Dickens
    And uganda in the list of countries

  85. Dipankar says:

    I need this good

  86. Rehana says:

    I need this job plz guide me.

  87. Sidra7890 says:

    Plz enter Pakistan in the list of countries…I wanna join this survey job…

  88. Muhammad Bilal says:

    country name not mention I from Pakistan ….

  89. hira ali says:

    How can I registered myself while Pakistan Country name isn’t included in the country’s lists

  90. I need this Job.I’m from Bangladesh. How can i apply for this job?? Please guide me.

  91. sama mattia says:

    I need this job because I don’t have money but I live in sierra Leone,can you help me for job. I have my documents

  92. vishnu v says:

    i form indian plz tell me who to start work?

  93. Usama says:

    How can I registered myself while Pakistan Country name isn’t included in the country’s lists

  94. Mohammad Moniruzzaman says:

    I am from Bangladesh. But Bangladesh is not mention here.

  95. Zubair Ahmed says:

    Not available on my country in Pakistan. Kindly provide us.

  96. aditee bhusal says:

    i have not found my country Nepal

  97. Ramsay Jr says:

    Im interested count me in! I’m from Philippines.

  98. Shadat says:

    How can I apply from Bangladesh

  99. Ruline says:

    I really want this job but my country is Cameroon. It’s not found on the list of countries that u have on the site.

  100. Harunnur Rashid says:

    I am from Bangladesh,i can’t open any id here

  101. john Ezefula says:

    my country Nigeria don’t have.

  102. Maryam Qayyum says:

    I really need this job..
    I am from Pakistan.

  103. Julie-Ann says:

    how to sign up? from the Philippines

  104. Promise Iheonukara says:

    Is Nigeria among countries that can benefit from this opportunity? If yes. Please direct me on how I can benefit.

  105. jenilyn says:

    please guide me how to join…

  106. Kenque says:

    Is Uganda supported by this programme

  107. Lei says:

    Is it available in my country? Vanuatu?

  108. Mary jane says:

    how can I sign up?I’m from phillipines

  109. Mary jane says:

    I need an extra income !how can I signup

  110. Habtamu says:

    How thing is going on

  111. Girene says:

    How secured

  112. Md Naimur says:

    I need the job..plz help

  113. Mac says:

    Verygood site

  114. nina says:

    how to join?

  115. Bernard says:

    Ghana is not in the list of countries

  116. Anarose says:

    How can i earn money from this link?

  117. Jorie says:

    Pls guide me how to earn money & how to join with your offer

  118. Normina says:

    I like to try this,😊

  119. Iliseva says:

    I need this job..Please help

  120. Michelle geronda says:

    Verry nice website

  121. Jackson says:

    I want survey for payment to earn money

  122. edwin says:

    how can i join the group

  123. Akshay Kumar Kamde says:

    Very nice

  124. Adewumi Ololade Oluwatosin says:

    I need money

  125. Sultan Durrani says:

    Please note that Pakistan is not placed in the list of countries eligible for registration at your end. In fact, Pakistan is a country where from an educated workforce can be easily made available if the name is included in the list along with other countries from where candidates are considered to be eligible for registration. Kindly advise how to move further to get registered.

  126. aireen says:

    Am really do i start this business??

  127. Mishel Thomas says:

    Need Financial support for my family suffer poverty. God cares for the rich who cares for the poor. God bless

  128. Carla says:

    More money earn plss

  129. Rezlie Alas-as says:


  130. Iman says:

    I need job please guide me..

  131. This site really earn money

  132. arnel says:

    great job

  133. ROJA BUDDICA says:

    All kinds of survey companies and market researchers are offering signup bonuses to recruit new panelists.

    Remember, your membership can be shared with a friend or family member too!

    By the way, a few minutes ago, I just checked my email and I got $390 worth of survey offers for the next week. That means I could earn $390 simply by taking those surveys on my computer.

    Makes me wonder what I’m doing wasting my time sending these emails! 🙂

    Anyways, I hope to see you sign up soon. I know you won’t regret it!

  134. Norlyn says:

    I need online job..
    Im a bb setter but i need more income..

  135. shahzaib says:

    I need joob please guide line

  136. K Habeebulla says:

    Money earn with Amazon

  137. Vishnu Persaud says:

    Your facility is nothe open to registration by persons in Guyana.

  138. Latoya Ali says:

    Wanna Make Money

  139. DENISA says:

    My country Albania is not in the list of places?

  140. Tyrese Howell says:

    Wanna Make Money 💰💯

  141. Mark Adjartey says:

    My country is not in here and would like to know what to do…..

  142. Hamza says:

    My country is not have in this country list can i choose other country to start working

  143. K Habeebulla says:

    Survey for money

  144. Ivy says:


  145. Tewodros Tadesse says:

    I am from Ethiopia, my country is not in the country’s list …… any other alternative

  146. turyatunga felex says:

    my country is not there

  147. Please note I tried to enter into this system but my Country ‘Fiji’ is not listed. Now where to from here!! Please Advise.
    Sangita Sharma

  148. shazly says:

    very good

  149. rezze says:

    don’t avoid and ignore come as soon as possible and start earning point to do very simple and interesting survey by which You can win amazon gift card and tango card for shopping after 2500 here-

  150. Juliet Addai says:

    Ghana is my home country and is not in the country list……..Please any other alternative?

  151. khansa says:

    i did not find my country in the country list while registration , by the way , i’m from jordan

  152. rashad mehmood says:

    i m from pakistan, but while registering , pakistan is not mentioned the country list, so how can i signup to this website?
    Please help me in signing up.

  153. shaheen says:

    mis necati cil can u tell me how too work and make ?

  154. RIYA says:

    something is better than nothing

  155. something is better than nothing

  156. Necati Cil says:

    panel place ii very nice.make money now

  157. this sites really earn money..

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